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Europe Hotels Internacional S.L. Tenerife, Av. Rafael puig, 36, 38650 Playa de Las Américas

Europe Hotels International S.L. Tenerife, hereinafter EUROPE HOTELS, in its public and clear commitment to adopt a proactive attitude to the detection and action of irregular or illegal behavior or scenarios that take place within the entity, and whose authorship may correspond to workers, managers and administrators, as well as third parties who have some kind of relationship or link, develops the present ETHICAL CHANNEL – COMPLAINTS (internal information system), as an effective communication channel/tool, so that, through the collaboration of any interested party, action may be taken on those irregularities or breaches that could jeopardize the normal and correct development of Europe Hotels Internacional S. L. Tenerife, its members, its members, its staff, its employees, its directors, its employees, its employees, its directors, its employees, its employees and its members. L. Tenerife, to its members, to all those with whom it is related and/or any other group of interest, which otherwise could go unnoticed. Consequently, its implementation is intended to constitute an effective mechanism for prevention, detection and/or action, in compliance with the entity’s Code of Ethics, its values and responsibility, as well as applicable legal obligations. Commitment of Europe Hotels Internacional S.L. Tenerife. We are committed to consolidate an open and fully available communication channel, without any limitation, guaranteeing the maximum confidentiality, privacy, non-retaliation and data protection of the communications received.

If you wish to make a complaint/communication, you should use the contact channels provided:


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ALL COMPLAINTS/COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVED WILL BE TREATED WITH THE MAXIMUM GUARANTEE OF CONFIDENTIALITY AND PROTECTION. In case of any doubt, clarification or need for additional information, we invite you to contact us by The present procedure does not prevent the right of the interested party to communicate/complain before the civil, labor or criminal jurisdiction.